Oct 6, 2013

 H I A T U S    
Henry McComas 
captures multiple camera 
angles of 'Goran's Song' 
during an early December 
session at Uneven Studio. 
Look for these new recordings 
and show announcements sometime in 2015.
Until then, we'll be working on new materiel.

Thanks Friends,



A V A I L A B L E    N O W               

Assembling two of Denver’s best 
post-punk/punk bands on one 7-inch, 
this split is not only sonically fantastic, 
it’s also aesthetically amazing. 
Each yellow-vinyl record comes with a handmade, 
screen-printed wooden cover, 
a semi-transparent, 
hand-numbered insert, 
a full-color lyric sheet, 
and a download code for the e-songs. 
It’s quite the package. 

"With low slung basslines, 
chaining angular guitars, 
sung/spoken vocals, 
some kick ass drumming, 
and loads of space, 
some Shellac going on too, 
but mostly just that classic 90's Midwestern pigfuck mathrocking crunch
we can't ever seem to get enough of." 

"A disjointed murky beat, 
an unsettling loop for bass 
or low tuned guitar 
to force this single note down 
like some kind of audio foie gras, 
in the way they become a post punk combination 
of Shellac and Gang of Four 
and hit those perfect references for me. 
The line stuttered in perfect time with the spastic chord bursts 
I...am not...Jackson Pollock 
with nimble stops and starts, 
perfect control over huge tough sounds. 
The vocals drop way out into that room 
underneath the floorboards 
like Mr Pollock himself chained up in the basement."